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Jim Clinton
In a recent posting by the U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner, he starts out by praising the growth of the U.S. economy - where it was a few short years ago (2008) and where it is today.  He points out the expanded economy, growth, private sector adding jobs, business balance sheets being stronger, and equipment & software investment...

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Jim Clinton
What Gives? recently attended an amazing community event that supported several nonprofit organizations through a mud run.  The primary supported nonprofit organization was Wounded Warrior, a nonprofit that helps homeless military mothers accross this nation.  The Scorpion Warrior event has been able to collaborate with several nonprofit ...

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Traci Menga
This all started when a visit to Las Vegas became an overnight move when my husband ended up on life support. With a 90% mortality rate things didn’t look so good. Needless to say, my head was spinning as I thought through the idea of losing my partner, and my children’s father. I was gripped in fear of driving back to ou...

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