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what gives?® School Rewards Program

Join what gives?®  so your school will earn up to 40% of our proceeds from each sale every time a member from your school purchases a deal from our site.

Participation couldn't be easier! Parents, friends and families simply REGISTER on our site,  select your school, and every activity they choose to purchase through what gives?®, earns your school up to 40% of our profits.

TweensThe Fundraiser

  • No searching for multiple volunteers!
  • No inventory to manage or distribute!
  • No deadline & it is never too late to start as this is an ongoing fundraising opportunity!
  • We provide the flyers for you at no cost.
  • 100% safe and secure website -- We will never share your email address.
  • Support local businesses that support your community!

The Effort

  • Agree to participate in the “Save Our Schools” Program
  • Assign a coordinator from your school to help with the fundraising efforts (ie: rallying the students, parents, friends—don’t worry, we are here to help!)

The Success with what gives?® “Save Our Schools” Program is designed to be Easy & Trouble-Free!

  • Alert your teachers about the what gives?® “Save Our Schools” Program & Contests.
  • Gain classroom participation for students to pass out flyers.
  • Announce your fundraising goals & contest over the PA system.
  • Broadcast the program and contest over the phone system.
  • Add information to your school's website.
  • Choose to adopt a school so we can all make a difference together!

Please Contact what gives?® by filling out the form to the right if Your School Has a Unique Fundraising Need.

what gives?® can create a specific account for your schools individual fund raising requirements.

At what gives?®, we strive to help you make a difference!

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have fun. do good.

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