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what gives?® = Marketing +Advertising + Branding +Sales!

Fact:  Consumers Expect Marketing with Purpose Globally – Eighty-six percent of consumers around the world believe that business needs to place at least equal weight on societal interests as on business interests.  2010 Edelman goodpurpose


  • Benefit from Risk-Free Marketing with Measurable ROI- There are no up-front costs to offering a deal. Plus, we send you a check for your pre-paid patrons within 15 days of your promotion, which means you’ll have money in your pocket before customers even enter your doors. Enjoy a risk-free solution to gaining new customers, engaging existing customers, and building your brand in the local marketplace.
  • Reach an Excited Customer Base- With multiple opportunities to reach your customers, you can create deals that fit your unique business needs. On the day of your Featured promotion, thousands of raring to go readers will open their email to read about your offering—many of them buying on the spot, and forwarding to friends. If the Featured promotion is not their “thing”, you still have your additional offering listed on the site, where customers check back frequently for updates, offers & new ideas.
  • Be Part of the Giving & the Word-of-Mouth Buzz- Our customer base is tremendous and particularly social online. How does this work for you? Thousands of people sharing your promotion with thousands of friends for the benefit of their organization!
  • Open Your Doors to a Steadfast & Loyal Clientele- After your promotion has run, amaze your new customers with your top-quality products and services, and you’ll have happy, dedicated customers—who support you because you support their cause! Our Customer Base Loves to have fun. do good.
  • It is a Win-Win-Win Scenario- Our customer wins with a fabulous deal, your business wins with a phenomenal amount of new customers, the schools and organizations win, as we all work together to give!



what gives?®  We All Do!

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have fun. do good.

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